You Make a Difference!

Friends invest time, energy and funding to support Memphis Public Libraries through charitable donations.

Next time you’re “spring cleaning,” donate your gently-used books, CDs, DVDs, vinyl records and magazines to the Friends. Your donation is tax-deductible and environmentally-friendly. (No outdated textbooks or manuals please)

What do we do with them? Great question!

Click here to view our “Journey of a Book” Documentary.

In addition to our two annual book sales, Second Editions Bookstore, and our online bookstore, Friends recycle unusable books, keeping 70 tons of paper out of the city landfill.

Friends provide books for Little Libraries around the city of Memphis.

Friends established MATA’s Books on Buses Program, which offers reading material for bus riders.

Friends provide free books to juvenile court, Shelby County Jail, Wounded Warriors, Mayor Strickland’s Manhood University and many others. (Friends provided 2,000 books for the Mayor’s Manhood University.)