Become a Friend

Ready to join a great cause?

When you become a Friend of the Library member, you become an advocate for Memphis Public Libraries!

Once you’re a Friends member you’ll enjoy great perks like a 10% discount at Second Editions Bookstore and our Spring and Fall book sales. You’ll also get access to the Friends preview night before each seasonal sale.

Membership is reasonably priced. Plus, all member dues go directly to support programs and staff training at YOUR local branch.

You can also earn a Friends membership through volunteer service. 20 volunteer hours = 1 year of Friends membership.

Individual$10 / 1 year
$25 / 3 years
Educator or Student$5 / 1 year
$12 / 3 years
Seniors (60+)$8 / 1 year
$20 / 3 years
Family/Household$25 / 1 year
$65 / 3 years
Your Business$50 / 1 year

Memberships are nontransferable. Click here to fill out an application online or visit any Memphis Public Library location for a Friends Membership Application.